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NAI-LOK is the leader in flow control technology fields of manufacturers.

NAI-LOK`s target is challenge and beyond the technical limits, continuing pursuit becoming the industry leader. Since the establishment, we have settled the developing direction of research and develop precise valve, regulator, fluid connectors and high-tech flow control system products.

NAI-LOK`s products are widely accepted and approved by the users on its safety and stability. The application filed covering semi-conductor industry, aero-space industry, solar power battery, petroleum and petrochemical industry, power energy, bio-pharmaceuticals industry and vacuum system, etc. 

NAI-LOK will keep moving and making unceasing progress in the high-tech flow control field and serve the customers sincerely.

NAI-LOK`s reliable products are made continuous progress by the aim of "super, extreme, micro, preciseness" in the flow control system. 

Choice for reliable performance and reasonable price products make your business get the maximum economic efficiency and security, to avoid unnecessary waste of manpower and human resources. So we strongly suggest you to choose the most suitable products, this is very important.

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